1-2-1 Sessions


These sessions are tailored to each individual and promote optimum levels of 'Mind Fitness'.

1-2-1 sessions

We use our trademark blend of techniques to promote rapid, positive change at both the conscious and subconscious level. In this way you can:


  • Develop a 'growth mindset'


  • Overcome limiting beliefs


  • Re-shape the mind at a deeper level for sustainable, positive change



Invest in Mind Fitness for Your Organisation


We provide solutions for almost every requirement - from a single session for just one employee, to multiple sessions for whole teams and members of an organisation.


Our most popular session type and programme is detailed below and is available for individuals to attend as either a single 'Breakthrough Session' or the full 4-session programme.



Flagship Programme: 'Hypnosis for Wellbeing'


This programme is tailored to each individual client (based on the completion of a Pre-Session Questionnaire) and not only includes ‘in-session’ hypnosis and guidance, but also audios provided for suggestion reinforcement between sessions. The full programme is delivered over 4 sessions (weekly or fortnightly).

peacefulness mindfulnessSession 1: Subconscious Sort-Out


This session focuses on a ‘sort-out’ of your subconscious mind, clearing out any unwanted ’emotional baggage’. Combined with coaching to address unhelpful thinking styles, you will feel lighter and motivated to make positive changes.


This powerful session can be attended on its own as a standalone 'Breakthrough Session',


Session 2: Removing Negativity


Building on the work in the first session, the focus is on further reduction and removal any specific limiting beliefs, negative associations and behavioural responses. By re-framing and removing negativity we help you to create the foundation for a positive and resilient mindset.


Session 3: Programming Positivity


A highly motivating and enjoyable session! The goal is strengthening the ego at the subconscious level to turbo-charge your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. This provides a real kickstart to achieving 360° positivity in your mindset and thinking.


Session 4: Mind Maintenance


This final session provides the 'fine tuning' of your new, positive mindset and focuses on making it sustainable in the long-term. This means you can face challenges in life with new levels of inner strength and resilience. You will also be given guidance on how to maintain your new, healthy mindset through self-hypnosis and meditation.


Programme Details


The 4-session ‘Hypnosis for Wellbeing’ programme costs £995.00 per person. Session 1 (‘Breakthrough Session’) lasts 1.5 hours and Sessions 2-4 are 1 hour in duration. All sessions are conducted at our clinic at 1 Harley Street, London W1.


The single 'Breakthrough Session' costs £395.00 per person and is a popular way to invest in Mind Fitness with a lower financial and time commitment. Additional sessions at the 1-hour follow-on rate can then be scheduled as required.


A schedule of session dates will be confirmed upon booking and you will be sent a Pre-Session Questionnaire to complete prior to commencement.



1-2-1 Sessions - Other Themes


Whether the goal is fixing a 'problem', boosting performance or developing a new positive attribute, we can tailor a session or sessions for you or your team. Just some of the areas we have helped clients with include:

  • Public speaking
  • Creativity
  • Being a better leader
  • The entrepreneurial mindset
  • Charisma and building rapport
  • Stress reduction

As they're tailored to each individual, these sessions can incorporate a range of powerful methods such as coaching, mentoring, and deeper-level therapeutic techniques including hypnosis.


Together, this approach works to achieve sustainable change at both the conscious and subconscious level.


To discuss booking 1-2-1 sessions with us please call 0203 633 2670 or contact us.

Unique Methods

Our experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy allows us to incorporate powerful Advanced Hypnosis techniques in these sessions.


Combined with innovative technology and tailoring to each individual client, this is our trademark approach for getting rapid results.


Our Approach

Discover the benefits of 'mind fitness' and how investment in the mind pays the best return. Share our journey and harness the power of the mind.

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Unique Perspective

Our creators' innovative approach to working with the mind has developed from over a decade's experience of personal and business development.

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