1-2-1 Sessions


From our experience, 1-2-1 sessions are one of the best ways to invest in the promotion of 'Mind Fitness' in your organisation.

1-2-1 sessions

We can both deliver and recommend sessions that help individuals to achieve positive change at the conscious and subconscious level.


  • Develop a 'growth mindset'


  • Overcome limiting beliefs


  • Re-shape the mind at a deeper level for sustainable, positive change


Tailored and Flexible


Though we mainly focus on sessions with executive / board-level individuals, through our network of contacts and affiliates, we can facilitate a solution for almost every requirement - from a single session for just one employee, to multiple sessions for whole teams and members of an organisation.


Whether the goal is fixing a 'problem', boosting performance or developing a new positive attribute, we can deliver or arrange sessions on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Public speaking
  • Creativity
  • Being a better leader
  • The entrepreneurial mindset
  • Charisma and building rapport
  • Stress reduction

Subject to arrangement, sessions can be delivered face-to-face or online via Skype.


To discuss availability of 1-2-1 sessions please contact us.

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