Our Mission


Mind (re-)Training® is committed to helping organisations and the individuals within them to attain 'Mind Fitness', to improve wellbeing and to unlock their full personal potential.


In doing this, we provide our own uniquely-blended solution to a growing problem experienced by all too many people in today's world.

The Problemmind fitness exercises


Whilst most people understand the importance of 'training' to maintain a healthy physical body (exercise, good diet, etc.), very few are aware of either why or how to similarly train the mind. Just as training the physical body helps prevent illness and promotes health, training the mind helps insulate against the effects of conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.


In fact it's a weakness in the mainstream conception that most provision for looking after the health of the mind focuses on 'cures', rather than the prevention of such difficulties developing in the first place. The importance of training the mind is overlooked until something goes 'wrong' and then the response is to try and 'fix' it... often with only modest effectiveness, unfortunately.


The Solution


We believe that proactively training to achieve a fit, healthy mind is the "prevention that's better than the cure". We provide both organisations and the individuals within them with the knowledge, tools and resources to achieve and sustain Mind Fitness.


Our unique approach empowers you to get the most from your mind (both consciously and subconsciously), building resilience against the negative effects of unfitness and neglect, as well as allowing you to grow and develop the power of the mind on that strong and healthy foundation. By following this path, individuals and organisations keep moving from strength to strength, in ways that they may have struggled to achieve before or otherwise fallen short of.


From global organisations to private individuals, we've worked with many clients who share our belief that 'investment in the mind pays the best return', whether the primary goal is an increase in individual wellbeing, profitability or productivity (often strongly interlinked). Achieving those benefits is a great return for everyone in your company, in a true win-win proposition.


We've developed our trademark style of high-energy, high-impact sessions that inspire and engage people to harness the power of their mind. This is especially efficacious in our popular 3-hour Rapid-Learning Workshops, giving you exactly what you need to take away and use to progress your Mind Fitness goals - there's no fluff or time-wasting here. We believe these focused, high-powered sessions provide more impact and take less time out of your staff's day than a full day's training (or more than one day's training). It's a shorter and very effective methodology that we liken to high-intensity fitness training for the body, and it works.


It's our commitment to bring the transformational benefits of Mind (re-)Training® to as wide an audience as possible. Changing the world, one mind at a time!


To join us on this journey and experience a unique approach to training and re-training the mind, call 0203 633 2670 or contact us.

Why Mind Fitness Matters


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Unique Perspective

Our creators' innovative approach to working with the mind has developed from over a decade's experience of personal and business development.

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