Fabio Del Piero

Dip. CBH GQHP GHRreg MA (Oxon)


Fabio obtained a First-class degree from Oxford and worked as a finance lawyer at two global law firms in the City of London. From there he moved from billion-pound deals to his calling as an entrepreneur-investor active in many areas of human development and the mind.


Over the years Fabio's passion for helping others grow has touched countless individuals and organisations, with the latter ranging from fledgling start-ups to big companies with global reach. His methods for achieving maximum development and wellbeing have been described as inspiring and powerful, harnessing the power of the mind in ways the individuals affected often thought were beyond them.

As a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist at his permanent Harley Street practice operating two clinics - Advanced Hypnosis London and the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic - his clinical work fostering growth and positive change is powerful and multifaceted. As the Mind (re-)Training® project took shape over time he has shared his boundless enthusiasm for the concept of 'Mind Fitness', in particular helping people achieve positive change on an individual and collective level by successfully changing behaviour via both conscious and subconscious methods.

Across his portfolio Fabio has further applied his methodology in assisting all manner of SMEs and individuals through targeted consultancy work, coaching and mentoring with those who need it. He is especially proud of the frequent praise for his genuineness and empathy in both 1-2-1 and workshop interactions with our clients, because all his activities are intrinsically linked to helping others to reach their potential.



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