About Mind (re)Training

Mind (re-)Training® is the creation of Fabio Del Piero and Rory James MacLaren-Jackson and is the culmination of over 15 years' high-level experience in the fields of both personal and business development.


Their personal development work has included a range of methodologies from Life Coaching to Clinical Hypnotherapy, with the latter becoming a focus as their approach evolved to unlock more of the potential of the subconscious mind. Pioneers in the application of Advanced Hypnosis for rapid change, they now own and run two successful hypnotherapy clinics from their permanent practice on London's prestigious Harley Street - Advanced Hypnosis London and the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic.


As experienced portfolio entrepreneurs, their other successes have included a number of training channels, providing both individuals and companies with workshops, coaching, mentoring and consultancy. Through these niches they produced dozens of training courses including those approved by a national awarding body.


Over the years, these dual strands of activity increasingly became entwined as Rory and Fabio repeatedly witnessed first-hand the direct relationship between a lack of investment in the mind and the growing problem of poor mental health. They asked the question:


'Since we know that people who actively 'train' and apply knowledge of how to look after their PHYSICAL health, suffer fewer problems and feel better overall, why don't we apply the same approach to arguably our most important asset - the mind?'


Informed by their therapeutic work and experience, they created Mind (re-)Training® as the answer to this question, to help organisations and individuals understand and develop the power of 'Mind Fitness'. At the heart of their approach is a passion for helping people to understand why and how to train (and re-train) the human mind to be more resilient to the unique challenges of the modern world, less vulnerable to conditions rooted in its neglect, and better able to release its limitless potential.

Explore ways to develop Mind Fitness via 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and programmes.


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